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Welcome to Big Groove Music

The home of quality dance music and lots more!

Our Story

You can be part of this by simply using the FREE GIFT tab ABOVE and join the Biggroove Music Community for our Exclusive newsletter with FREE DOWNLOADS, exclusive tracks and lots more. Here’s  our story below

So, welcome to Biggroove Music and a sincere thanks for taking the time to check this out! I am very pleased that you have managed to find us.

My name is Ekow Armah and I am a song writer, musician and producer.  I am more than super  passionate about music! its creation and above all, about how it makes me ( and you) feel. You have probably never heard of me, E-K- A, Indiscretion  or Mr A. That’s OK, so I have taken a small selection of my tracks and put them into categories that you will be more familiar with e.g. Nostalgic house, funky house, poolside etc. to give you a bit of an idea as to what you can expect, if you were to register with us. At its best, quality House music brings memories and feelings of summer and having a great time. At Biggroove Music, we promise you a piece of ‘that Happy Summer sound/vibe’, where ever you are and whenever you want it!
My mission is to build an international community of people who love their house music and what we do at Biggroove Music. So I have created a brand new House Music e-zine, which aims  to share our journey with you, as well as provide you with some cool tracks along the way. It is FREE and will be delivered to your inbox…
It means EVERYTHING to me to have you sign up and join us . You will never get spammed, I aim to send you a house music e-zine around once a month ( you may need to check your spam from time to time if it doesn’t arrive ). You get FREE downloads just for signing up! I ask 2 things 1/ Give this a try  by SIGNING UP and 2/ Share this site ( www.biggroove-music.com) with others who are also passionate about their dance music.
I look forward to you being a part of our international House Music  Community
Biggroove Music

PS, if you are still undecided and have time for a very quick chat, why not click on our CHAT BOT ( Bottom Right)