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Hello and  welcome to Biggroove Music,  the home of  quality House Music, Dance music, EDM and much much more! My name is Ekow Armah and I am the founder of Biggroove  music. If you are passionate about your dance music like I am, then you are in the right place!  I write, play and produce dance music ranging from Old skool, soulful house, through to festival dance,  poolside, EDM and more. Whatever the genre at Biggroove Music, we aim to give you quality and the sound of summer ALL YEAR ROUND. My mission is to  create a WORLDWIDE Community of House music lovers, with instant access to quality, exclusive tracks as well as hot topics and behind the scenes stories from Biggroove Music.
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《 Music can transcend language. When you get it right, it can create powerful, feel good emotions in the listener, regardless to where they are from. That's what we aim for at Biggroove Music 》

Ekow Armah- Biggroove Music