Hello and Welcome to Biggroove Music-the home of quality House, funky house, deep house and lots more! My name is Ekow Armah and I am the founder of Biggroove Music. We are an INTERNATIONAL community of House music/ EDM lovers. We promise to give you the Sound of Summer All Year Round! You can dive right in and checkout our sound with the sample tracks on our player (below) as well as our albums. But I want to offer you much much more than the music and merch that we produce. To get the very best from Biggroove Music, please consider becoming a MONTHLY supporter- we have 2 levels- Gold and Silver-offering you exclusive access to everything that we do before anyone and anywhere else (Spotify, Apple etc). For LESS than 20p per day you can become a member of our exclusive community, with access all areas and a long list of benefits and rewards, including: Special fan only deals on music and merch; fan only collectibles, first access to videos, artwork and visualisers, access to unreleased tracks and lots more!

 Most of our tracks WILL remain exclusive to you as a member and will not be found anywhere else.  You can take a look HERE to see what each tier offers. 

Looking forward to welcoming you onboard!



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