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A little bit about me.....

Hey welcome to Biggroove Music, in the first instance and many thanks for checking out my page!

My name is Ekow Armah (pronounced 'Ekor'). I am a song writer, producer and key board player, based in Croydon, just outside London. I write, play and produce dance music- House, deep house, funky house, poolside and lots more in between!

Musical life started for me as a child-music was always playing in our house and I am proud to say, I grew up with vinyl, cassettes and CDs! At an early age I could change music  that I heard in my head ( create my own verses, choruses, move things around, change instruments etc),   I thought everyone could do that ( especially musicians)- Not the case-this was something the late great George Michael could do. 

An Old Berlioz ( still remember the name!), upright piano was left behind in a house we moved into in Battersea, South West London. Loved it, tried to play (wasn't very good), persuaded my mum to get it tuned. Probably  fell more in love with the piano sound then! Really wanted to get into the music biz, did the usual, sending off demos and getting absolutely nowhere!  My main career and 'day -job'  was as a Science and Sports teacher in a secondary school; One way or other, music was always there somewhere. Bought and borrowed some basic equipment to make and record stuff ( including my own Juno 6 poly keyboard, now a classic!). Any way THE game changer came when My Head teacher ( Michael Round-thank you again!) heard what I was doing and paid for me to do a proper recording session in a proper studio near Angel, London. The result was 'Something More', a commercial dance track with an American singer called Kimsuki. I have been writing and producing dance music, some jazz and even a solo piano album, ever since!

THE plan is to create a WORLDWIDE community of people who like Funky house, house and my versions of it, under the umbrella of Biggroove Music (I used to have a label called Biggroove records, back in the day, which is where the name originates).

 You can checkout a sample of our sound using the player below; if you like your house, funky house etc, then please consider  becoming a regular, MONTHLY supporter-by joining  one of our subscription tiers. As well as supporting  what we do at Biggroove Music, you will really get the most of what we have to offer. There are 2 tiers- Gold and Silver; for less than 20p per day (!)  gets you access to exclusive, cool material and our exciting projects; Imagine being part of an exclusive community, getting FIRST and early access to new tracks, videos, artwork; having a say in our track promotions and campaigns; tell us your birthday in advance and we will even send you a Biggroove Music birthday greeting! The list goes on..

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